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    Some of the time a paper jam is brought about by just a small bit of paper which can be difficult to reach. You will need a couple of long tweezers to haul it out. On the off chance Brother Printer Technical Support Number that you are as yet experiencing difficulty, you might need to call a printer expert to help you. As usual, you can likewise call us and we will help you as well as can be expected.My printer is printing, yet the pages are streaked, smeared or blurred: The nature of the print occupation depends on the printer itself as well as on the ink or toner cartridge and the drum unit if there is one. The kind of paper additionally impacts the print quality, so ensure you have the correct sort of paper for the sort of printing that is being finished.On the off chance that the paper isn’t an issue, the toner might be the guilty party.To begin with, take the toner out and delicately shake it from side to side. Try not to shake the toner and be mindful so as not to contact the toner roll since it can leave fingerprints. In the event that you don’t print as often as possible, at times the toner settles and should be “actuated.” If your printer uses ink rather than toner, it is conceivable that the ink has dried and should be supplanted. A clear sheet of paper prints after each time I print something: The reason an additional sheet of paper is being printed is a result of the print settings. This setting is ordinarily utilized in workplaces where the print volume is high and there are numerous clients printing. The additional sheet of paper prints out to separate print employments, however in the event that you are the just one printing this can be truly irritating. Fortunately, it is a simple fix! Go to your Brother Printer Technical Support PhoneNumber printer and gadgets on your PC, click on your printer and after that snap on printer inclinations. You ought to have the option to deselect the separator pages from that point.

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