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    In most situations, such questions are asked in the head and then ignored in favour of other more pressing matters. The main reason for this is that most of us don’t change cartridges Epson Printer Support Number very often because we don’t use our printers that happen. This combined with the fact that our cartridges aren’t as expensive as the cartridges for commercial printer models means that the financial pressure isn’t that strong either.When the Validity of Empty Epson Ink Cartridges Warning Becomes Crucial:However, what if you were using cartridges that cost more than $200 each as opposed to $50 or $100 each? A printing company in Seattle, US known as Bellevue Fine Art found itself in such a situation. These guys used Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printing machine. Now, this is a machine that is designed for art level prints and is primarily used by commercial printers, this is also a machine that requires 11 cartridges simultaneously with each of them carrying about 700 ml of ink and costing upwards of $200. That’s $2200 every time cartridges need to be replaced! In case you were wondering, this printer model, itself, costs a pretty penny at nearly $5000.For a commercial printer, cost of replacement cartridges is crucial because the frequency of replacement in his case is very high. While individual consumers may replace their cartridges every few months, commercial printers at least need to do it every month if not in weeks.
    So, empty Epson ink cartridges not being really empty can result in massive losses for a commercial printer over one year or even a few months. The extent of these losses depends on the percentage of ink that is being left in these so called empty Epson ink cartridges. The people at Bellevue Fine Art apparently realised that a lot of their capital is being drained by their efforts to replace empty Epson ink cartridges.In fact, according to Bellevue Fine Art, they tried complaining to Epson “many times” but didn’t Epson Printer Tech Support Phone Number receive the right response. After complaining to Epson and even sending the offending cartridges back to them for review, they were either neglected completely by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or told that they were simply wrong in their suspicions.

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